Obsessions: Baby A’s Tortilla Soup

So I’m totally obsessed with Baby Acapulco’s tortilla soup. Yes, you heard me right! I did say Baby A’s, home of the legendary purple margaritas made with ever clear beloved by UT students. I don’t remember ever eating at Baby A’s when I was an undergrad, but maybe that was because of the ever clear. As an adult, this restaurant wasn’t even on my radar as having anything that I would want to enjoy. Hence my surprise when two good friends with exquisite taste in food told me that Baby A’s tortilla soup was there go-to feel-better soup whenever they weren’t feeling their best.

Baby Acapulco’s 

I decided to test their bold declaration when I was in this hospital this spring pumped with IV antibiotics and even bland hospital food made my stomach turn. Perhaps Baby A’s soup could have magic healing powers? As soon as I opened the big brown paper sack that Carlo brought me, I knew that this soup was what I imagined my Mexican grandmother would make for me if I did indeed have a Mexican grandmother.

The chicken broth is clear but flavourful and has obviously been made in the house recently. The shredded chicken actually resembles real meat that has only just been pulled from the bone. Add little containers full of cilantro, chopped red onion, shredded cheese, tortilla strips, limes, avocado, Mexican rice, and three tortillas of your choosing and you are quickly in tortilla soup heaven! You can mix and match all the ingredients to create your perfect version of tortilla soup.

Me? I like adding a bit of everything and then dipping my flour tortillas into the soup and picking up the remaining bits of chicken from the bottom of my bowl. Each order of soup is ridiculously low priced at $8 or something and has enough to fill two decent size bowls. Although I always somehow find myself eating the entire thing to myself, it is just that damn good. Plus it really does have magic healing powers. Every time I’m starting to feel under the weather, I go pick up some soup and I feel better as soon as I’ve eaten it. Last week I even ended up picking it up twice in a matter of days! I just could not get enough.

My only recommendation is to call in your order and pick up the soup. In fact, get there a few minutes late, so you can be sure that you don’t have to wait for your order. While Baby A’s may make a fabulous tortilla soup, they don’t have a pleasant atmosphere or even a pleasant smell, to be honest, but damn that soup is worth a couple minutes of yuck while you check out. Trust me.

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