Oink, Edinburgh

I have great respect for any restaurant that decides to sell only one item of food. Not only does this make the decision process of what you are going to eat much easier, but there is an inherent implication that the restaurant has mastered and perfected whatever it is they are selling. Oink, a tiny storefront restaurant in the Old Town of Edinburgh, only sells roasted pork sandwiches and clearly has mastered the art of the roasted pig.

oinkhog shop

In the front window of Oink lays a large roasted pig with the head still on and a thick layering of crackling covering a pile of pulled pork. It is from this pig that the restaurant makes its sandwiches until they run out of meat for the day. Despite only selling roasted pork sandwiches, you do have a few choices to customize your sandwich.

oinkhogr oast

On a white or brown bun, you can opt to have sage and onion stuffing or haggis smeared onto the bottom of the bun. Since I’m in Scotland, I normally choose haggis and it is good. Then you can choose whether you want chili or applesauce to top the roasted pork. Last but not least, ask for some crackling to put in your sandwich. The roasted skin of the pig adds a nice crunch to the sandwich and enhances the flavor of the pork. Just be sure to arrive at Oink on the early side as they often run out of crackling and the sandwiches just aren’t the same without it.

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