Street food is fantastic it gives you the chance to graze on a huge range of different foods. Eating from street food trucks is a great way to try out new dishes and do so without spending a fortune. If you are out with a lot of of people, street food makes it easy to eat together regardless of how big your group is.

In many parts of the world, including the UK, street food is taking off and there is more and more choice. Whether you like Indian, Chinese, European, Indonesian or traditional British food you will find it being sold on the street.


Street food is available everywhere. Eating from trailers is possible at festivals, fairs, exhibitions and markets as well as at lunchtime in most large towns and cities. Most of the time street food is great and I have had some wonderful food.


For example a couple of years ago, I had a great hog roast in London at the Winter Wonderland fair in Hyde Park. Now up until that point that type of food did not really appeal to me much. Yes, I had enjoyed it at weddings and family parties in a bap with stuffing and applesauce, but given a choice I would not necessarily go for a hog roast.

That changed when I had my Winter Wonderland hog roast. Now I actively seek out this kind of food when I am out.


I like the way those food vendors who sell spit-roasted meats have adapted this ancient dish to modern tastes. Today, you will find hog roasts served in many different ways.


The cooking process remains the same it is always cooked on a spit roaster, so the meat is kept turning. That means that it is always moist and succulent, but how it is served has changed greatly.


Last bonfire night there was a hog roast at our local display. There the roasted pork was served barbecue style with a choice of crispy or grilled vegetables in a wrap.

It was delicious although at the time I wished there was some sort of Chinese sauce available. So, I was delighted when shopping a couple of weeks later I found a vendor who offered just that. As well as the traditional option of stuffing and applesauce, this vendor sold it with sweet and sour sauce, Chinese five-spice sauce, oyster sauce and, my favourite, hoisin sauce. What was especially cleaver is that if you wanted he served the crispy shredded pork with pancakes. Effectively it was a pork version of crispy duck and pancakes, and it was lovely. The size of these pancake wraps meant they were small enough to have as a quick snack.


I took a few home with the plan of warming them up and partially frying them in a little oil. Naturally, after a long day that felt like a bit too much work, so in the end, I ate them cold and they were even nicer that way than eating them hot on the street.


So, next time you are out and see a hog roast seller why not stop and check them out. You will be pleasantly surprised at the range of different flavours that are available.

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