Very recently I was challenged with making an Aperol Spritz by a very lovely friend of mine.

I agreed, despite not knowing what Aperol really was – I’m not a huge drinker.

When the package arrived I was very excited and had been given two Aperol glasses along with all the ingredients needed to make myself and my friends a great drink in the afternoon sun.

How I Made my Aperol Spritz

First, I added 2 part of Aperol to the bottom of the glass.

Then a third of soda water and finally another third of prosecco.

As a final touch, I squeezed orange juice into each glass for a bit of zing and decorated the rim of the glass with a highly decorative orange slice that would impress all the judges at the cocktail making championships.

 I’m pretty happy with the results and my friend and drinking partner thought so too. Here is the photo taken shortly after I drank most of it. 

If you want to make at home, it’s best to follow the official Aperol Spritz Recipe.

This funny video also explains how to make Aperol Spritz but you might want to avoid the glitter…

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