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Notre Dame Cathedral in France is a historic Catholic cathedral considered as one of the finest examples of French Gothic architecture. Notre-Dame, which was completed by 1345 is also among the largest and widely known buildings in the world and contains the official chair of the archbishop of Paris. You can learn about its treasury, which houses important first-class relics including a fragment of the True Cross, the alleged Crown of Thorns and one of the Holy Nails with which Christ was crucified.

The treasury also contains shrines, statuettes, medallions, bishop’s attributes and objects used to celebrate mass. You can view the cathedral’s paintings, stained-glass windows, furniture, clock, statues, organ, portals and its 10 bells. The organ constitutes of the great organ, the choir organ and the positive organ.


You can also view its famous gargoyles, which were not just build for decoration but also for practical reasons. Among other crafted statues such as chimeras, they were placed around the outside to serve as water spouts and column supports. The statues were originally colored but the paint wore off but to be later covered with vivid colors.


You can visit the cathedral to learn about its history of destructions and restorations. During the troubled time of the Revolution, many treasures including statues were destroyed or plundered. Even after a controversial restoration program was initiated in 1845, the Second World War caused more damage. Several of the stained glass windows were hit by stray bullets. The cathedral has undergone a major program of restoration and maintenance.


Other things you can do include climbing the cathedral’s 387 steps to enjoy the spectacular view of Paris when you reach the top. You can attend some events at the Notre Dame Cathedral in France including concerts, symposiums, masses, operas and films. Several sites including Statue of Saint Denis and Virgin with Child serve more specific purposes to encourage you to reflect and pray.

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