FOODSESSED cooks Muntjac Meatballs Recipe

Today we cooked Muntjac Meatballs.

This recipe comes from Mike Robinson – professional huntsman, chef and restaurateur. Mike’s recipe is here. Here is how Mike cooks his Muntjac Meatballs:

Mike likes to cook this with Muntjac from his farm. Muntjac is a small deer and isn’t easily available – so we tried cooking Mike’s Muntjac Meatballs with Beef Mincemeat instead. Below is our video of our Muntjac Meatballs (minus the Muntjac!):

The Muntjac Meatballs Recipe is as follows:



For the Muntballs:

■ 250g minced Muntjac – you could use veal,
pork or even lamb
■ 250g Ricotta cheese
■ 100g finely grated Parmesan cheese
■ A little grated lemon zest
■ One egg
■ Salt to taste – and I mean ‘to taste’ – try a
bit of the mix raw, you may think that the
salty cheese is seasoning enough, but if you
check at this stage you will get it spot on

For the sauce:
■ Two large jars of good quality Passata
■ A man size knob of butter
■ Three smashed cloves of garlic
■ Salt to taste
■ A pinch of sugar to sweeten things up
■ A sprinkle of fresh basil to finish
■ Grated nutmeg to finish

To learn how to cook Foodsessed’s Muntjac Meatballs Infographic Recipe.


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