Destination yoga is tailor made for those with a desire to improve, practice or simply learn yoga and the benefits it brings to mind and body. Beautiful and tranquil destinations are selected in places as diverse as Puglia in southern Italy, the island of Crete and India close to Bangalore. All take place in private houses or small hotels and all are chosen for both their comfort and the care that each guest receives not just from the yoga teachers but from the staff at each destination.

And while each week-long holiday differs slightly according to the practice of the teacher, each one offers at least two yoga sessions every day – one in the morning, and one in late afternoon. The teachers who accompany them are acclaimed as some of the best in the world. Classes also include meditation and pranayama techniques, while each location has its own swimming pool and lots of space to relax and do very little. The food is healthy and organic and you will almost definitely return home lighter and calmer. (020 8968 0501)

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