How to Make a Unique and Distinctive Food Gift Basket

Your expression of the innermost feelings that you have for your family and friends can be demonstrated by the presentation of a unique and distinctive gift basket filled with items that you know they will enjoy.  You’ll want to keep your budget in mind as you shop for both the basket and the food items but be sure to consider some of the things that you are sure will appeal to them.  This basket can be as elaborate as you wish or as simple as your money dictates but no matter the cost, it’s a great option that will continue to give long after the celebration.


Put Your Budget in Place


Before you go shopping, you should set a budget or allowance for what you can afford to spend on the gift.  Be sure to include the cost of the basket in which your food items will be placed; this may be the most expensive part of your presentation.  Remember that your gift will seem larger if the basket is filled with a plethora of smaller items that provide even more opportunities for joy throughout the year.  If you are going to have to mail the gift basket, you should also include shipping costs that can be very expensive; sometimes ordering a gift basket from a unique shop that will ship the entire order to the recipient’s home is the best course of action.


Establish a Theme


Depending on the reason for the gift, you’ll want to choose a theme which makes shopping much easier.  With a theme you can gather items that are all related and that complement each other in a customised way.  Try to think about your friends’ tastes and preferences as you begin to assemble foods to include in the gift basket so that you’ll be spot on with the gift that you present.  By creating a theme your gift can be decorated accordingly and be an attractive addition to any party.


Choose Non-perishable Items


Even if you live close to the celebration, you’ll want to only include non-perishable items in your gift basket.  There are plenty of choices and you will be assured that no part of your gift will spoil before the big event.  You can choose wines, cheeses, mustards, and other gourmet items that will spruce up the pantry of your friend and a touch of professionalism to their cooking.  Be sure to visit for some splendid ideas to include in your gift basket.


Use Care in Assembling Your Basket


Because you want to carefully protect each item in the basket, you’ll need to make sure that the bottom of the basket is lined with tissue paper and that jars are not placed against each other.  You can place boxed items between glass items for protection and always use gift towels and other soft items for cushioning in your basket.  Finish your gift by enclosing it in cellophane and attaching a lovely bow at the top.


Yours will be the lovely gift at the event that everyone would love to take home.



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