Peacock Chair by UUfie

Like children playing with paper by simply cutting and folding it, the ’peacock’ chair designed by canadian firm uufie is constructed from a single sheet of DuPon™ Corian® . taking its namesake from the feathered animal, whose billowing tail opens into an expanse of pattern and color, the recliner’s back rest fans open in the same way, propelling in a sweeping curve. a delicate, lace-like motif spreads throughout the framework, yet the design is only optically fragile as its material is made structurally strong through the thermoforming process. the woven-like arrangement casts dramatic shadows onto the surface of the floor. the seating unit is available in three versions, a limited edition in large and smaller sizes, in both color and white. uufie is presenting variations of ‘peacock’ at design miami/ as part of the galleria rossana orlandi collection, and is also currently on exhibit at spazio rossana orlandi, milan.

The top view of peacock shows the shadows cast onto the floor

The uufie chair is available in color

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