At the Parisian markets, I’m still somewhere between an observer and a user; I guess, but I love all Parisian markets, from the scattered outside stalls that invade Belleville streets a few times a week, to the pomp of Saxe Breteuil, a sort of grand and glossy food parade, which appears to be held in honour of the Eiffel Tower and gentle 7th-arrondisement living.

Marche des Enfants Rouges

Definely the cutest and most charming Parisian market, it’s also the oldest covered market in the city, created from an ex-orphanage (the name comes from the red uniforms the children used to wear). You feel as though you’re entering a little village as you wander past not only food stalls but also snack bars, cafes and bistros, slowing you down deliciously. L’Estaminet des Enfants Rouges is the best-known bistro, but you can also grab a crepe or a good old jambon beurre at more humble establishments. And for when you want to take home but necessarily cook at all, there’s a great choice of traiteurs, including Lebanese, Italian, Japanese and Moroccan. Outside, the rue de Bretagne is also a foodie hotspot.

From Tuesday to Sunday – 39, rue de Bretagne – Paris 3rd

Marche Raspail

 The most famous, most loved by celebrities, and most expensive of Paris’s organic markets. Compact, sitting between Sevres Babylone and rue de Rennes, Raspail has been serving organic and bio-dynamique converts for over twenty years. Mostly made up of fresh fruit and vegetable stalls, with plenty of dairy and a couple of organic wine sellers, you can also find everything to keep your home healthily ethical and GMO and pesticide free. Special mention for the delicious organic crepes from Michel Beucher to pick up and nibble while you browse, fondle the pedigree fruit and spot the celebrities behind their shades.

Every Sunday – At the crossroads of rue du Cherche midi and rue de Rennes – Paris 6th

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