During the summer, you’re likely to spend more time relaxing than in the winter. While the sun is out, make the most of it with a delicious summer coffee drink that will give you a caffeine hit and a cooling chill all in one glass!

Cold coffee isn’t always that nice and if you leave your mug of instant untouched for a while, it doesn’t make for a very enjoyable sip. However, these iced coffee recipes are made especially to capture the taste of coffee without making you cringe. And if you make them at home, you won’t need to pop out to your nearest Starbucks to experience some great tasting chilled coffee.

Simple iced coffee

Pure and simple, this iced treat will give you the caffeine kick you need for a hot summers day.


–          ¾ cup milk (tastes best with whole milk)

–          1 tbsp vanilla syrup (to taste)

–          About ¼ cup espresso

–          Ice chunks

Brew the espresso in a coffee machine if you have one. Machines sold by are great, although if you don’t have one, coffee from a cafetiere will do. Place the ice into your glass, pour over the milk and top with the syrup. Now pour the espresso over the mixture and stir it up. Simple, but effective.

Sweet iced coffee

A bit of a twist on the simple version, this one is great for anyone with a sweet tooth.


–          1 cup of strong coffee maker coffee

–          2 tsp of caster sugar

–          2 tsp of vanilla syrup

–          A drop of almond extract

As before, brew the coffee first and let it cool before pouring it.

Mix the coffee, caster sugar, syrup and almond extract together before pouring it over ice in a glass. Short and sweet!

Vietnamese iced coffee

This is a traditional drink, which uses condensed milk in place of whole milk. It’s an indulgent coffee that’s great for hot days.


–          Cup of brewed coffee

–          1 tbsp condensed milk

–          Ice

Simply enough, put the condensed milk in your glass and pour the coffee over it. Mix it up, then pour it into another glass containing the ice. Yum!

Iced coconut coffee

Get a tropical twist on your coffee with this tasty summer treat.


–          ½ cup of espresso from a coffee maker

–          2 tsp sugar

–          ¼ cup of coconut milk

–          ½ cup of cold milk

–          Ice cubes

–          Couple of drops of vanilla essence

Mix up the sugar and coffee before adding the coconut milk and drops of vanilla essence. Top it up with the cold milk. Mix it all up, and pour it over ice cubes for a tropical treat.

Banana iced coffee

A bit more complicated, but the extra effort is certainly worth it.


–          1 banana, the riper the better

–          ½ pint of cold milk

–          ½ pint of strong, brewed coffee (chilled if possible)

–          2 tsp sugar

–          Ice cubes

–          Squirty cream

Put the coffee, milk, banana, sugar and ice cubes into a blender and mix them up. Pour gently into glasses. Now top it off with a squirt of whipped cream or add caramel syrup if you want to be a real barista.

All these recipes can be easily done at home, without the need for any fancy or expensive equipment. Enjoy!

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