Canary Wharf has too many branded restaurants, and Jamie’s Italian is destined to become the country’s most popular restaurant in this category. I found the service over the top and too American and the menu descriptions cringe-worthy, amid a number of other toe-curling features – but if you ignore all this, the food is OK and reasonable value for money.

Unit 17, 2 Churchill Place, E14 5RB, Tel. + 020 3002 5252, www.jamieoliver.com/italian

Opinion – Foodsessed on Jamie’s Italian in Canary Wharf:

Jamie Oliver doesn’t disappoint at his rustic Italian chain where everything from sharing starters to heavenly desserts. The huge bowls of steaming pasta is between clever, tasty and high quality; the celebrity chef’s trademark chirpiness infuses the service. The prices are affordable, both of which help to make the long waits for a table and loud crowded atmosphere a bit more bearable.

Jamie has opened a lot of restaurants around the UK which you can view here. Recently he has opened one in Gatwick airport, bringing good food to airports, something they are typically not known for.

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