Scott’s restaurant – Mayfair London

This restaurant borders on perfection. It’s great for lunch or dinner, perfect for celeb spotting or discreet meetings, fantastic for oysters and seafood. The menu is a joy, and the service is always immaculate. The interior looks ravishing and is also comfortable, the art is engaging, the cocktails spot on and the wine list caters to all tastes. In fact just about everything is present and correct. This could well be the definitive model for success, in every way. We rather like the place, as you may have guessed.

20 Mount Street, W1K 2HE, Tel. + 020 7495 7309

Opinion – Foodsessed on Crazy Homies restaurant in Notting Hill:

Captains of industry sail to this sophisticated Mayfair seafood staple to power-lunch on interesting combinations of exceptional, sparkling fresh fish, the shelled variety resting on a grand ice display behind the hopping bar. Come the evening, a posh crowd in a mix of jeans and cocktail dresses can be found amongst the big draping curtains, enjoying similarly superlative service and fine wines by the glass and paying the same arm and a leg.

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