Assaggi restaurant – Notting Hill London

Although chef Nino Sassu is from Sardinia, the food at this discreet and special restaurant is more generally Italian. The portions are generous and the flavours full on. If you are not clear about any items on the menu, you can be assured that the delightful and knowledgeable staff can eloquently explain exactly how each dish is prepared, the component ingredients, and how wonderful it tastes. We particularly recommend the Pecorino con carpegna e rucola as a first course, followed by carre’ d’agnello con fave. And the veal chop is pretty damn good. The taglionlini al granchio, made with nine different herbs and crushed walnuts, is a lovely pasta dish. They don’t have a dessert menu: the staff simply visit your table and tell you what Nino has available that night. The bavarese with expresso coffee is a particular favourite of mine. Don’t expect an over-designed dining room: part of the charm of this place is that it is simply a room above a half-decent pub. It’s also reassuringly expensive.

39 Chepstow Plaza, 1st Floor, W2 4TS, Tel. + 020 7792 5501

Opinion – Foodsessed on Assaggi restaurant in Notting Hill:

Tough to get tables groan with stunning Sardinian pastas and fish at this Notting Hill spot where everyone feels like part of one big, noisy Italian family. The room might be not much to look at, but the pricey bill is warranted, especially when factoring in the superb wine list and well trained staff. PS: the secret to getting a reservation? Book your next one on the way out.

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