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Modern country classic home tips: Open storage

Shelves filled with artisan ceramics and collected treasures are a staple of the farmhouse kitchen.

What you need to know

Run a high-level shelf around the room to display plates or vases, or fit a Shaker-style peg rail for hanging utensils or drying herbs. An alcove or chimney breast is ideal for shelving; buy a unit cut to your dimensions, delivered flat-pack for you to assemble. For a rustic feel, try a plate rack or carved wall shelf. Get the industrial look with a metal trolley with wooden shelves.

1: School Light weathered Copper with Polished interior

2. Hand-Decorated Polish Pottery Flower Vase, Love Hearts


4. Wooden Plate Rack Wall Shelf by THE ORCHARD

5. CUSTARD CREAM CUSHION by Nikki McWilliams


6. Mauviel M’250c Copper & Stainless Steel Cookware Set, 5 pieces, cast iron handles, $1230 (Wow)

7. Storage Bins from Rona Garage $10.99

8. Hambledon Raw Oak Tall Stool, £120,

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