Design Tip: You absolutely have to be sure your finances are in order before you embark on building your own home. I’m talking serious renovations like converting old water towers into mini castles with spires! Such grand projects require more cash than you can plan for…and once your journey to start begins, there will be no stopping it. So start ready.

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Michaelis Boyd are some of my favorite architects in the world. Here are their best bathrooms created all across Britain.

Arundel Gardens 4 Bathroom
Courtnell Street 6 Bathroom
Dawson Place 6 Bathroom
Elm Park Road 8 Bathroom
Elm Park Road 16 Bathroom
Elm Park Road 17 Bathroom
Elm Park Road 18 Bathroom
Froe 9 Bathroom
Holt Lodge 12 Bathroom
Holt Lodge 15 Bathroom
Lansdowne Road, II 11 Bathroom
Lansdowne Road, II 12 Bathroom
Montpelier Square 5 Bathroom
Montpelier Square 7 Bathroom
Palace Gardens Terrace 6 Bathroom
Portland Road 7 Bathroom
Randolph Road, II 5 Bathroom
Randolph Road, II 7 Bathroom
Spye Park Lodge 6 Bathrooms
The Octagon 7 Bathroom
Thurloe Square 9 Bathroom
Thurloe Square 11 Bathroom
Thurloe Square 13 Bathroom
Thurloe Square 14 Bathroom
Thurloe Square 15 Bathroom

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