Feeling Frameous

US Architect Stanford White loved to frame images of family and friends, but he did something few others at the time did in customizing the frames of the pictures.

Stanford moved away from the mass-produced styles typical in most homes and created refined, handcrafted and bespoke photo frames that were just as important stylistically as the images they held.

What is the purpose of the frame?

Photo Credit: Collection of Lowry

In some homes, the frame will be a functional way to hold family photos, a frame that is not given a second thought. It does its job. It looks fairly smart if you happened to pay attention to it. Not that anybody ever would.

For images of fantastic artwork, a frame becomes more about matching the style of artwork

A gothic heavy duty frame that carries a delicate painting of a sunset would be a distraction. Some artists make be able to pull off this contrast between art and the physical world the art is surrounded by, but you’d have to really know what you are doing and if that is the case, you probably don’t need my advice!

Questions for your frames

Is it practical?

Vital for family centric photos

Is it meaningful?

Again, important for family photos. Maybe the wood used and customized to hold the frame is the wood from the tree you and your wife carved your name into as teenage ruffians – maybe it is scrapped metal recycled from your favourite vintage – but now retired – car? Frames with meaning holding images with meaning makes sense. Even if these subtle secrets will be missed by 99% of others who happen to cross the photo frames.

Examples of ace frames

Photo Frames Credit: Picture hanging hardware

Peekaboo Photo Frames @ Portland Road 7 Bathroom

Photo Frames used @ Holt Lodge 13 Bedroom

And my favorite frames

Cheeky Monkey Hidden Staircase Rainforest Photo Frames @ Lansdowne Road, II Kitchen

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