Brown Butter Basted Radishes Recipe


Butter Basting ScallopsPork or Steak are common techniques to cook meats. Mid-level steak houses frequently do this to lower quality meats to add flavor with liquor, wine or butter. But what about butter basting vegetables?

By slowly basting vegetables like radishes in butter, you can create moist but crunchy results. While butter basting sounds like something Gordon Ramsey might cook for emperors and sultans, it’s something you can easily whip up in your kitchen!

Gordon Ramsey helps Patsy Kensit make Herb butter

Cooking Brown Butter Basted Radishes

Ingredients you’ll need:

  • Juice from half a lemon
  • 500g of radishes, their leaves trimmed off
  • 80g of butter

1. Place a heavy pan over a low heat and add half of the butter – around 40g. Warm the butter slowly until it foams and starts to change color.


2. Add the radishes to the pan and use a cooking brush to coat the radishes in butter

3. Raise the heat to medium and fry the radishes, turning them every minute or so. Add the remaining 40g of butter to the pan to also apply with a cooking brush to the radishes, as before, while they fry.

4. After cooking the radishes for a total of ten minutes, the radishes should look soft. At this point, turn the heat from medium to high and add the half a lemon worth of juice to the pan. Sea salt lightly to your taste and serve.


Bon Appétit!

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