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Home is a place where we spend and build the best memories of our life. Searching and purchasing four walls is easy but making it a place you can call home requires effort and hard work. Our home décor designers and architects do it all for you. Blending the style of modernity and sophistication of 19th century antique furniture, every home is customized to fit the requirements and dreams of the inhabitants.

Living room

Living room is the heart of a home. It is customized mixture of antique retro Ercol coffee table from 1960’s decorated in the corner facing the kitchen. The grand vase fitted with antique coins of King George VI and Victorian era is flaunting the centre table with brass corners. Sofas come from the modern culture of renowned designers. Rugs ranging from sophisticated linen cloth to a bold chic style. The variations are many to choose from. The chandelier designs and candle stands are typical Victorian blend of style. The vase, modern abstract paintings and Picasso designs, Sandalwood dining tables and chairs, vintage teakwood furniture all are customized by mixing and matching to fit your needs.


Brass plates give a beautiful antique look while complimenting the modern metallic designs as well as wooden pieces. The bedroom is a great place to experiment with different fixtures from vintage era and modern dressers and bedding. Floors are decorated with wooden portions for a traditional style and with ceramic to give a modern look. In addition, to overcome the disadvantages of a wooden floor you can decorate them with painted wood tiles. Four high cornered vintage Victorian bed paired with linen bed covers and cushions is put opposite to wall fitted with a two-way mirror to give a better view of the living room while maintaining the privacy.


When it comes to designing the important part of your home, we keep the style hygienic and relaxing. Washroom is the part of the home where you can spend hours relaxing. It is a me-space. The tile work is very important. Ranging from pure white ceramics to a mix of white and colored pieces. One such arrangement can – White tiles on three walls and floor, Brass-bordered mirror on the wall fitted with crystal dark colored tiles. Low lighting chandeliers increase the intimacy quotient of the space. With wooden chairs and pottery from bygone era the space becomes stylish yet natural.


Designed with modular nooks and fittings the kitchen is a modern style of metallic design and give an antique look with fitted rustic vintage dining table and retro 70’s chair set with gold pearlescent. The Victorian age cutlery paired with French dinnerware decorate the dining tops. There is a provision for a bar corner fitted with corner lighting and sandalwood chairs. Stylish tabletops and vintage storage decks and drawers are a delight to look at and use. Embroidered kitchen linen adds beauty to the feeding space of the home. All the modern comfort amenities like fitted microwave and grill paired with vintage decoration give a taste of beauty and sophistication.

The house becomes home here. When you enter through the front door, you want to enter the relaxation zone, something that you can proudly flaunt and never want to leave. Home is a special intimate corner to forget all the stress and tensions of outside world. It is a fantasy world in the robe of your home.

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