Boardwalk Style: Gretchen Moll’s Living Room

In the spacious and calm apartment in west Chelsea sits the start of the Boardwalk Empire, Gretchen Mol. At the age of 25, she passed through the Hollywood’s glass ceilings in which the Vanity Fair cover of 1998 declared her as an IT girl. Currently at 40, she has finally settled into a requisite lifestyle which houses her director Kip Williams, their two kids aged 5 and 2, as well as her husband. However that has not prevented her from being surrounded with calmly curated collections of beautiful objects and clothing. Dressed in a liberty print dress that she purchased from annelore, West Village boutique, she describes her fashion culture, “ I like good things, however I cannot rely on them when i get lost faster.” This is a principle that might follow her to numerous aspects of her lifetime. In terms of this season’s style, she has described the understated feeling as a light-hearted edit of her previous wardrobe. Mol talks about her approach to the season she will be going for a family holiday to Fishers Island.

When she relocated to New York City via Connecticut as a young actress, she developed the habit of collection mode. She says, “When I relocated to this city, I was simply persuaded by everybody’s willingness to try with their styles, be willing and ready to take risks. She flashback while also wistfully noting that she used to like traveling to East Village and get sundresses which were used in the 70s and 80s. She still has those previous clothes and uses them more often.

Similar thing applies to those high quality products she bought few years ago such as Prada babydoll dresses as well as Marc Jacobs next-relics since 2001. She says, “Last year when I was in California, I dressed one of them to a small party and received several compliments.

With the mind of being a thoughtful collector, she your collections says a lot about you when you accepted the whim and when you refused. However, fashions take centre stage at the Boardwalk Empire show in which she describes Gillian as a loosely based character on the Evelyn Nesbit. She says that it was the greatest tasks she has ever had in her role which was her second on television. Of the whole of her television experience, what she likes most is the association between her and other people’s characters.

Boardwalk has been successful due to the highly produced season dramas. The attraction of many viewers to the series showing the 1920’s Atlantic City has risen together with the other historical series like Mad Men and Downton. Mol says that the reason for the Boardwalk’s attraction must be due to the previous era which has been removed and is totally different from the current one which is total fantasy.

Due to its conservative Victoria attraction, Boardwalk is far much behind reaching the initial breakout moment for Mol when she featured in a translucent dress on that unforgettable Vanity Fair Cover. Actually, her style lies somewhere in the middle. Gretchen says that prefers dresses that feel somehow like a house dress-y vibe or apron.

When buying new dress, she favors current, feminine labels like Erdem, Sophie Theallet, Prabal Gurung. The more you grow old, the more you reduce you fashion and simply get comfortable with any style.

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