We have a long weekend here in Britain, so I invited some friends over!

I’ve been looking through my decorating tips paperwork. I’ve gathered a lot of images of the years that help with decoration ideas. So I thought it would be a good idea to share some of them with you .

The first thing that can really help your home when decorating is flowers

Source here

A silver bowl filled with flowers. Source here

Check out this marble mortar fileld with roses. You could also use a stone outdoor plant pot. Source here

Flowers can work in the kitchen too.  Source here

Vase on the kitchen table filled with flowers – make sure they stay fresh always.  Source here

This looks great. Imagine this if this was in the evenings? A candlelit pathway of flowers to the front door of your home? Source here

How can you decorate guests powderrooms?

Soap lathers in a basket. Source here

How to store fresh herbs and spices in the kitchen.  Source here

Decorating with candles

Source here

Source here

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